About Asia Pacific Carbon

Asia Pacific Carbon is a carbon project developer working in the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on projects in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and with offices in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Singapore.

Asia Pacific Carbon develops high quality carbon projects in partnership with both sovereign and freehold landowners, in partnership with other project developers, technology partners, financial institutions, and trading groups. It has developed close working relationships with project owners, governments, statutory bodies, tertiary institutions and non-government organisations in each of its target markets.

Asia Pacific Carbon combines over 30 years of extensive knowledge of national and regional regulatory regimes, local customs, traditions, and local languages to deliver its services; working with stakeholders on a basis of mutual respect.

Corporate Information


Asia Pacific Carbon (Australia) Pty Ltd
Australian Company Number (ACN): 612 707 534


Asia Pacific Carbon Pte Ltd
Registration Number: 200504578K


PT Asia Pacific Carbon
NPWP: 02.419.086.0-059.000

Papua New Guinea

Asia Pacific Carbon (PNG) Limited
Company Number: 1 - 74764