Asia Pacific Carbon

Asia Pacific Carbon develops carbon projects that reduce greenhouse gas pollution, a major contributor to climate change. Activities include project identification, stakeholder consultation, project planning, development and implementation of social awareness programmes, project feasibility and eligibility assessment, in-country project registration and development of formal documentation in accordance with various standards.

At present its core focus is the development of IFM (Improved Forest Management), REDD+ (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects that generate carbon credits in the form of VCUs and CERs for use in both the voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

Once registered, these credits can be sold in the global carbon markets on behalf of the project owners.

CDM Projects include afforestation of deforested land, sustainable agricultural development, and renewable energy projects.

Asia Pacific Carbon works with project owners and technical specialists to deliver project outcomes with benefits over and above the reduction of carbon emissions, such as:

Asia Pacific Carbon works closely with a range of specialist project developers and technology partners to identify and manage sustainable projects for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. All its project sites are located within the Asia and Pacific regions and are tailored to the respective countries in which it operates to ensure compliance within relevant regulatory frameworks and local regulations to guarantee the maintenance of a seamless and efficient development process.